How to Enlarge Your Penis – Tips and Secrets

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If you are wondering how to enlarge your penis because you’re not exactly satisfied with its size, at least you can console yourself with one of the most well-established penis enlargement facts known in medical science: you are part of the vast majority of men who feel the same way. In fact, reputable surveys peg the percentage of men dissatisfied with their penile size at around the 90% level. Most guys pray that they grow in size during their adolescent years, but not everyone gets their wish. Some guys are just plain small, and when you reach your twenties then that’s it.

How to Enlarge Your Penis – Tips and Secrets

Except that’s not really it. The penis is just like many other parts of your body, in that you can find ways of enlarging, stretching, and elongating it. You just need to do some research on the subject, and you need to have the dedication and the time to follow through.

Common Answers to “How Can I Enlarge My Penis” Questions

If you’ve been trying to answer that age-old question “how to enlarge my penis” on your own, let me give you a head start on your research, and present to you the most common ways besides prayer:

  1. Lotions and pills. These products can be bought over the counter, and they contain natural extracts or synthetic ingredients mostly designed to increase the blood flow to the penile region. The changes are gradual and can occur over a space of a few months. This is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways regarding how to enlarge your penis.
  2. Vacuum pumps. These devices are also designed to encourage blood flow to the penis to make it bigger. This is one of the reasons why these devices are also used to treat erectile dysfunction. Using a vacuum pump repeatedly and for extended periods of time slowly allows the penis to stretch making it before than it was before.
  3. Extenders and stretchers. These devices are attached to the penis daily, and for hours at a time. Medical research has long recognized that parts of the body can be stretched with devices, but for safety reasons the process must be slow and gradual. Many of these devices can be worn unobtrusively even while you’re at work. Although you may notice some improvement after just a month, you may need up to 6 months to get the full benefits.
  4. Penile exercises. Some experts believe that you don’t really require devices and supplements to succeed in how to enlarge your penis. These “jelqing” hand motion exercises are meant to move the blood from the base of the penis to its head. This method is still somewhat new, but it entails fewer risks than other methods.
  5. Cosmetic penile surgery. This type of penile enlargement is offered by some doctors. One procedure involves severing a ligament to make the penis hang down more, while another procedure involves injecting fat to the penis to make it thicker.

Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Like other medical treatments and procedures, all these methods may have varied results. It depends on how your body (and your penis) reacts to each method, and it also depends on how faithfully you comply with the instructions.

However, on average these methods actually do work. The final results vary, but an inch or two increase over a few months is considered normal for most of these methods. But in order to maximize the benefits, you are also enjoined to live a healthier lifestyle. This means you must avoid unhealthy habits that can negate the effects of these methods and that can also lessen the quality of your erections. This means avoiding drug and alcohol abuse, and avoiding too much stress and tension. You also need a nutritious diet plan as well.

Additional Secrets

Part of penile enlargement is the cosmetic factor—a larger penis simply looks better and more impressive. Before (and during) doing one of the above-mentioned methods, try to perform some easy cosmetic changes on your own. The first thing you can do is to trim your pubic hair. Having too much pubic hair can make your penis seem bigger, and when you trim the hair your penis consequently seems bigger. In addition, trimming heightens the sensitivity around the base of your penis, which can make sex a lot more enjoyable for you.

You can also make your penis seem bigger by losing a lot of excess body fat, especially in your stomach. In fact, it’s a known fact that being obese generally makes you seem less sexy regardless of your penis size.

Finally, talk to your romantic partner and see if she is also wondering about how to enlarge your penis. Perhaps she just wants you to do something different in bed, or perhaps the problem is all in your head. But if she honestly thinks penile enlargement won’t hurt, then it’s time to buckle down and choose the method that you think can give you the best results.

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