How to make your peni bigger at home

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Medical experts and most people have long known for years how to build up muscle in the human body. Although there are those who recommend taking supplemental pills and using special and expensive exercise equipment, everyone knows all these aren’t absolutely necessary. You can do pushups and crunches to give yourself muscles without having to spend a lot of money. Penis enlargement exercises work with the same principle in mind. You can do a basic penis enlargement exercise without having to work with complicated devices, which may prove risky if you don’t know how to use them properly.

How to make your peni bigger at home

How to make your peni bigger at home, Potential Benefits

I don’t think you need to be told about the benefits of a larger penis, do you? But just to be sure, a bigger penis can enable you to provide a better sexual experience not just for yourself but for your partner as well. This improvement in the bedroom department can be a significant factor in strengthening your romantic relationship.

The other main benefit is that a bigger penis tends to endow a man with greater self-confidence. This in turn can improve other facets of your life, with your greater confidence, for example, you can improve your work performance considerably, and that can lead to greater professional success.

How to enlarge your peni naturally at home

Although there are many types of exercises designed to enlarge a penis, “jelqing” is one of the more famous and more effective among them. The basic jelq exercise is quite simple:

Apply an “OK sign” grip at the base of your penis with one hand.
Apply a steady stroke forward towards the glans.
Apply the OK grip with your second hand and then release your first hand.
Again, stroke forward toward the glans.
Now apply the OK grip at the base with your first hand and release your second hand
Continue doing steps #2 to #5.

To get a better and perhaps more accurate idea of how to do this and other penis enlargement exercises properly, you should go online and watch a how to jelq video. One note of warning however: these videos are definitely not safe for work. It shows a penis at close-up range, and if you are like most guys you may not want other people to know you’re watching a video like this. It’s already difficult enough to watch it even when you are absolutely confident of your privacy!

Once you’ve mastered the basic technique, you can now choose to perform some variations and perhaps even some more advanced techniques. Some variations may be more preferable for you, but you should first accumulate more than two months’ worth of jelqing expertise before attempting more advanced jelq exercises. It’s just like regular physical exercise: if you haven’t mastered the basic steps, then doing more strenuous and more complicated exercises may increase the likelihood of injury.

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Since you’re just starting out to learn all about jelqing, it’s not uncommon to suffer some slight inconvenient mishaps. It’s just like regular exercise where you may end up straining your muscles if you do your preparations or exercises improperly. With jelqing, you may encounter the same kind of problems. It’s just that since it involves your penis (which to many guys like us is probably the most important muscle in the universe), it may cause a bit of worry. But actually, these are minor problems with simple solutions.

If you see black pinprick spots, those are signs that you aren’t using enough lubrication when you do your exercise. These spots heal quickly, however, and for the next time make sure you use enough lubrication.
Red pinprick spots (usually in the glans) mean that you have burst capillaries. Don’t worry, as they generally go away within a day or two. Just make sure that the next time you do your exercise, you warm up first and you don’t start with a full-intensity exercise right at the start.
If the red (or purple) spots are larger than pinpricks, they indicate a more significant breach in the capillary or vein walls. When this happens, you just need to lay off for at least a couple of days.

In the end, penile enlargement exercises can be both a supplementary procedure you can perform in order to increase the benefits of the current penile enlargement method you are using, as well as an alternative to these methods if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

But the basic truth is that you aren’t required to simply accept what fate has blessed you with in terms of penile endowment. If you are also blessed with determination and patience, then you too can join the many thousands of men who have succeeded in making their penises longer, thicker, and bigger. The benefits of penile enlargement exercises to your romantic life and to your overall confidence are too great to be dismissed, and you owe yourself a chance to improve yourself in this department. Just make sure you give yourself the nest chance of succeeding by living healthily, and by doing proper kegel exercise procedures to keep the belly fat off.

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