Penis Enlargement Exercises You Should Practice

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“How can I get a bigger penis?” is a question frequently asked by men of all ages and races. Throughout history, the well-endowed man has been a symbol of strength, health and fertility. Regardless of the fact that many women claim that sexual pleasure has less to do with penis size and more to do with emotional connection, penis size remains a frequent topic of conversation. Whether a man is not happy with the size of his penis or he is simply looking to beef up his sex life, he has the choice to opt for pills and surgical procedures that may or may not work, or he can select a more natural, permanent means of enlarging his penis.

Penis enlargement exercises are one great option. These exercises result in growth by increasing blood flow, which forces tissues to adapt to additional stresses and stimulating cell division and multiplication. These techniques work best when combined with proper diets.

Jelquing is perhaps the most known and accepted exercise. By stretching the tissues in the penis and increasing the amount of blood that flows into the penile chambers during erection, both the length and girth are increased. This technique can also improve the strength of a man’s erection. In addition to Jelquing, kegel exercises can help increase the size of the penis. While these practices are commonly used by women for strengthening the vaginal walls, they can also aid men in achieving far more control with their ejaculation and withstand much longer periods of penile stimulation. The penis squeeze is a third method commonly practiced to add girth to a penis. A man with a thicker penis can better stimulate the first few inches of a woman’s vagina (the most sexually sensitive part).

Like all other forms of exercise, warming up and cooling down routines will aid with penis enlargement exercise in order to prevent a strain of the penis. A man can prep his penis before exercise by adding heat to the penis. This can be done with a hot wet towel or even a heating pad for approximately five minutes. Following each exercise, a man should also wrap his penis in a hot towel to allow it to recover. These natural penis enlargement exercise and routines can provide men with ample benefits ranging from improved sexual performance to better self-esteem. So stop wasting time worrying about the size of your penis bigger and start exercising so you can be the man you want to be.

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