Penis Enlargement Home Remedies

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Here’s the basic truth about Penis Enlargement Home Remedies – some are actually very effective that porn stars don’t want you to discover them! After all, they make a living by having the biggest “tool” in the business and if everyone had a larger penis then they’d lose their job when every guy tries out to be a porn star. People often think that there are no penis enlargement techniques that can really give you a larger penis; often people don’t buy into the pills and this is for good reason.

penis enlargement home remedies

Penis enlargement home remedies, What Doesn’t Work

First of all, you will want to identify which penis enlargement technique works and which one doesn’t. When you look at all the major products out there, there are two different products that do seem to work and can slightly enlarge your penis but they are so minimal that you won’t even notice them. These techniques are:

Male Enhancement Pills

Topical Enlargement Creams


So how come they don’t work? Well they focus primarily on dilating the blood vessels in the penis. Now in theory this is the key to getting a larger penis without having to turn to surgery but pills and topical creams just miss the main point of it all. You want to pump blood into the penis because the muscle tissues in the penis are like sponges – if you keep letting them absorb more blood they will eventually grow in girth and length to accommodate the change. However this requires some time and yet most pills and topical creams only give you temporary increased blood flow. This means the penis only benefits for a short period of time. So instead of getting a bigger penis, you mostly just get better erection and better ejaculation.


What Does Work

So is there a penis enlargement program or penis enlargement guide that can really lead to long term results? There are and some of them don’t even require you to spend a penny for it though some are actually quite expensive. These are the penis enlargement techniques that porn stars use and these are essentially the secrets to their large dicks.

Penis Enlargement Surgery – This one is pretty obvious but it is also the riskiest and the most expensive option. It’s not really a secret anymore since a lot of people are discovering the wonders of surgery. Basically the surgeons perform a clean slice on the penis (allowing it to be sewn back later) and add a metal rod wrapped in muscle tissue, serving as an extension. When this has been attached, the removed section of the penis will be sewn back on. When the wounds heal, the added tissues will eventually integrate with the rest of your body and now you’ll have a larger penis.

Penis Enlargement Home Remedies, Penis Enlargement Exercises

Did you know that with just your hands you can extend your penis, get better erection, and better ejaculation? There are mainly two different exercises you will want to try. First is the Arabian Jelq, which requires you to massage your penis from the base to the head using your index finger and thumb. The penis has to be semi-erect, roughly 70% hard, for it to be effective. Doing this exercise, alternating with both hands, will naturally pump blood into your penis until it absorbs and adjusts, making it naturally bigger and longer. The other is the pubococcygeus muscle flex or PC muscle flex. Basically you are flexing the muscle that controls (starting and stopping) urination. This exercise will not only give you a larger penis head but also enhanced erection and stronger ejaculation.

Penis Enlargement Home Remedies, Penis Stretchers / Extenders

These devices are a bit painful to use, which is why a lot of men don’t use them but porn stars swear that they work and there is a lot of scientific backing to it as well. This device could look like some torture device but it does lead to results – basically you attach one end to the head of the penis and the other end to the base. Once strapped it will stretch your penis. When your penis is stretched, the tissue is pulled and slightly torn in several places. New cells are born to fill in these new gaps in your penis muscles, therefore allowing you to grow your penis a few times larger. This is one of the more effective penis enlargement techniques that porn stars use because it is effective and there are a plethora of stretchers out there for you to try.

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