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Before starting my Penis Enlargement Remedy Review i want to give you an introduction about the penis enlargement methods.


Almost every man wants to learn how to get a bigger penis. After all, the larger the male organ is the more likely that their partners will be excited and will have more fun in the bedroom. It is also a symbol of superiority – men feel quite inferior when they suffer from having a penis smaller than average and they often find themselves asking “How can I enlarge my penis?” The truth however is that you can get a bigger penis in so many ways that it is much simpler than you’d think! Consider some of the different ways below and be surprised at how easy it is to get a bigger gun that can make all the ladies say “wow!”


Commercial Products

Of course the first set of methods you could turn to get a bigger penis are the commercial products. There are a lot of them but there are mainly three commercial products that really do help you get a larger and longer penis. Here is a look at all three:


  1. Male Enhancement Pills – This is of course the most popular means to get a penis larger. There are a lot of popular male enhancement pills out there and some are more effective than others. Some aren’t really that useful though – they only make your penis firmer and erect longer but they do not really make it any bigger. This can create a placebo effect for some who see their penises to be larger in length and girth because it is standing firmer than usual. However there are those that really do make the penis larger and this is by dilating the blood vessels. This is important because other penis enlarging methods also work on this concept. By increasing blood flow to the penis, its sponge-like tissues can grow in size until they permanently adapt to the new, larger measurement. In many ways it is like the same techniques done to enlarge muscles for the abs, arms, and chest.
  1. Topical Creams –These are pretty simple to use – all you have to do is take a few drops and rub it onto your penis as if it were regular lotion. After a few minutes you will feel a tingling sensation as the formula begins to work. Again this focuses on improving blood flow to the penis. Also, they too vary in success levels with some really helping the male organ increase in size while others are simply there to assist with firmer erection and ejaculation.
  1. Penis Stretchers or Penis Extenders – These are pretty scary contraptions to look at but they do help you gain a longer penis. The reason behind their design is simple: when you stretch the penis, the tissues will be pulled until slightly torn. To recuperate the tissues will grow new cells, therefore slightly increasing the bulk of your penis. You simply have to attach the device to the base of your penis and the other end to the head. It may seem a bit uncomfortable as you feel the device stretch your penis but it has been guaranteed to make the penis larger and longer, mostly by one to two inches.


Penis Exercise

How to get a bigger penis without using commercial products is quite limited but there is a way. If you do not want to use commercial products due to health hazards or side effects then there is one particular means to enlarge the penis and it is known as the Arabian Jelq. The Jelq is a very simple process that will almost immediately yield noticeable results.


To perform the Jelq exercise your penis has to be at roughly 70% firm. It cannot be at its full erection because then you won’t be able to pump more blood into the penis’ muscles and tissues. When it is close to erection you simply have to use your thumb and index finger to massage and push the penis from the base to its head, pumping more blood along the way. Alternate with both hands until the penis is at full erection. Without the need for expensive medications or painful penis stretchers this is one of the most recommended techniques you can use if you want to know how to get a bigger penis and all it takes is the right strokes at the right stage of erection.

What is it Penis Enlargement Remedy

Penis Enlargement Remedy review

It is Tom Candow natural penis enlargenent product that can help you to increase the size of your penis by 5.2 inches to your length and 3.4 inches to your girth using stem cells( a plant that grows all over the world) and some body exercises(that will boost the body hGH levels to increase the penis growth process).

Penis Enlargement Remedy Content

Penis Enlargement Remedy comes with a 63 pages PDF eBOOK that will explain the 2 main methods of this penis enlargement program:

-Stem cells Plant method.

-Penis Exercises.

Penis Enlargement Remedy Review = Pros

-You can download the product instantaly.

-100% natural method without pills or pumps.

-Good penis enlargment results.

Penis Enlargement Remedy Review = Cons

-You need to do work of 90 minutes a week to get better results.

-No exact results for everyone who use this program, results may depend on the body of each person.


Penis Enlargement Remedy is 100% natural method for penis enlargement that can help anyone to increase the size of penis by 2-4 Inches quickly in length and girth using two mtehods, Herbal and Exercises methods.

I hope that you enjoyed my Penis Enlargement Remedy review, Feel free to contact us if you have any success story with Penis Enlargement Remedy.

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